Benefits Our Scholarship Offer

Scholarship Aids Initiative builds friendly and great benefits for students, parents and even the country at large. ‘The today’ of our youth is not as important as ‘The tomorrow’ which is what Scholarship Aid Initiative builds. Though the building of tomorrow starts today and this the essence of this initiative so that the time available today will not be wasted

In Nigeria today, it is very unfortunate that the rate of admission problem increases on daily basis. According to report, less than 40% of candidates who pass UTME every year gain admission to tertiary institution in Nigeria, comprising of Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education; both government owned and private. Scholarship Aid Initiate assists in bringing improvement.

Any qualified candidate shall not be faced with the problem of admission or struggle before being admitted to tertiary institution. Then the problem of finance is also reduced. That is, the problem of parents unable to pay school fee for their children will reduce. Thereby, it will assist the nation at large to increase the number of professional graduates in the country.

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